Are these items yours?

A shipment just arrived with a damaged package of Almond Milk. The leakage erased the labels on the box and another package.

  • 12 x Almond Breeze Milk
  • 1 x Green Beach Umbrella

If these packages are yours, please claim them in the package room. Also bring your associated tracking number for these packages so we can complete the delivery.

Please think twice before ordering leak-able items, especially in easily broken packaging. In addition to damaging other people’s stuff, with enough leakage, the airlines could refuse to carry our DPO mail shipments.

You’ve got Mail! – Notifications Glitchy

The system that produces the “You’ve got mail” notifications is a bit glitchy. Sometimes it tells you about something you’ve already picked up, or sometimes it’s something that’s not here yet.  It’s run by Washington – we have no control over it.  Consider those emails more of a general reminder to check the package room for anything that might have come in and not a hard and fast promise that the item is here.

And despite what the message says, we do not send back items that haven’t been picked up in two weeks. We know people are on leave, PCS, whatnot. We understand!  We appreciate you designating someone, though, as we do not have storage space and are not climate-controlled.  As always, we’re here for you. Let us know how we can help.

PJ is more than Alcohol — it’s awesome!

iDEA just sent out a notice about putting in another order before the holiday season.  If you didn’t know, PJ is more than just alcohol –it’s also all the things you can’t or shouldn’t ship through DPO or Pouch – but you CAN with PJ – it comes by sea container.

  • Perfume and cosmetics—hazardous and un-mailable, but popular for Christmas and Valentine’s day.   All on PJ!
  • Heavy things – above the 70lb DPO limit.  Like treadmills, gym equipment, etc.  Or big things like carpets.
  • 220V appliances – sure, some on Amazon, but more on PJ!   Vacuums, air purifiers… etc.
  • Breakables –like dinnerware. Ok, so you didn’t realize when you chose this career you’d do as much entertaining — but you do, and now you need STUFF!  Do not send china or crystal through DPO – I swear there are baby elephants working at the distribution centers!
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Things with lithium batteries – like automotive cars starters, which EVERYONE here should have (can’t find the link, but I know people have ordered it from here.. ), drones…..
  • Pop top cans and glass jars of food  – soda, olive oil, etc.

I can’t endorse one vendor over another — so this isn’t an endorsement for PJ or their products – but I can advise on how to ship in stuff that can’t come via DPO or Pouch. If you thought PJ was just alcohol – take another look and start solving your problems today!  And it’s never to early to order stuff for Christmas!

Motor Oil Spillage — again

Colleagues — some motor oil leaked in a recent shipment.  Not only does it damage the packages belonging to your friends, neighbors and colleagues–there’s a bigger risk. Airlines could refuse to carry our mail — many don’t like to deal with our shipments already. Too many rules and not enough profit.  Add in frequent spillage – it’s more than some want to deal with.  So, please, think twice — or 3x or 4x! – before shipping things like motor oil, laundry detergent, honey — any liquid in a large quantity, no matter the packaging.  You’re jeopardizing DPO for all of us.

New to Post? New to DPO? Welcome!

Welcome!  This might be your first tour, or first tour with a DPO — welcome! Here’s a quick run down of what you need to know to get the most out of your mail and stay out of trouble:

First, know that Pouch and DPO are two different mail streams, different zip codes, different rules, and different restrictions.  In a nutshell– you should be using DPO (09808) for your personal mail/packages.  Check out the FAQ page for information on re-mailers.

Second: Liquids — yes you can! –but in DPO, not Pouch.  But ask yourself–do you really need to? If it breaks, it will ruin other peoples packages, too.  So purchase carefully — avoid glass bottles and jars, choose small quantities, go with laundry pods, and see if you can get what you need locally (yes, even if it costs a little more!)  With too much breakage, leakage, and spillage, airlines can opt not to carry our mail.  For the good of everyone, be judicious in shipping liquids, please.

Tires — Yes, in DPO, but not Pouch.  Do a quick keyword search (above right), or check out the FAQ page.

Lithium – Yes, with restrictions. Again, check out the FAQ page. And be careful with Apple products (search for more info).

Charitable donations or items for home business (anything that you make money from)– No.  Sorry.  Not in either mail stream.

You mail does not fly direct and is not temperature controlled – it will freeze, get super hot, be exposed to weather, and isn’t guaranteed to remain “this side up”. And, your packages must fly to get here. So nothing pressurized, flammable, or pop top cans, etc.  (perfume, cooking spray, wet pet food, many beauty products). If the vendor won’t ship to DPO, but will ship to pouch –ask yourself — is it because ground shipping is ok and air is not?  If so, don’t try to ship it.

And lastly — check out the FAQ page!  You may be new but many have come before you — their questions have been answered and you have access to all that information. Also, key word searches can be useful. Before shipping in something (especially if the little voice in your head is saying maybe not……), do a quick search!

Hope this helps. If not, please ask! We’re here to help. And we’re all new at some point, so don’t be shy. Welcome to post.


Some Stuck Outbound Pouch

Good afternoon!  Just letting everyone know that we just became aware of some outbound Pouch (not DPO) that has been stuck at the airport.  This is Pouch, so it’s the official stuff and some personal flat mail (letters and envelopes). We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and the recent change to a new cargo handler/expediter company should keep these delays from happening as frequently. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Keep Calm and DPO on!

There have been several news articles, cables as well as unofficial sources (FaceBook!) reporting that DPO is going away soon because of issues with the UPU (Universal Postal Union).  First, please understand that DPO, APO, FPO and Pouch are all different mail streams — with different routing, handling, funding, and host nation agreements in place.  It’s not as simplistic as some of these articles indicate.

And second — trust us.  Trust us to keep you informed. When there is real information, or when you need to take action of some kind, trust us to tell you. The Mail Call Blog is your trusted source of real information (not speculation or rumors!) regarding your mail service here in Dakar (and Banjul!).

Please do your part to squash the rumors and dispel the panic.  Direct your colleagues and friends to this blog, and don’t succumb to the panic.  Be sure to click FOLLOW so you stay in the know.  And we’re always here to help.

Outbound Tuesday 8/13!

DPO outbound will be going out Tuesday 8/13, hopefully.  We’re at 60kg right now, and need a minimum of 100kg or the airlines won’t take it. Get your stuff to the mailroom — but don’t forget Monday is a holiday, so bring it in this week, if you can.

USPS Click-N-Ship

Ever wonder the best way to send fun Senegalese gifts to family back home? Wonder no more! The USPS makes shipping items from post a breeze with USPS Click-N-Ship. Steps for sending a package with Click-N-Ship are as follows:

Register for a Click-N-Ship account at

Once you’ve registered, login to our Click-n-Ship computer station located on the 1st floor, across from the Mailroom. Note: you can use Click-N-Ship and print labels from ANY computer, not just the Mailroom computer station.

Follow the prompts to print a Click-n-Ship label. You will need to weigh your package (scale located at Click-N-Ship station) and input customs information.

You will then be prompted to print your label. Seal up your box, attach the label, and deliver your package to Mailroom staff. That’s it! You’re done!

As always, if you have any questions about this process, please let either the IPC or Mailroom staff know.

Another note: There are known issues using credit cards with Click-N-Ship. If you encounter issues when it comes to pay for your package, let the Mailroom or IPC know and we will resolve it.

Prime Day! July 15-16 !!

Amazon Prime Day is rapidly approaching – the dates have been announced! July 15-16,  I know Amazon Prime Day is eagerly anticipated by many in the community.  In your excitement, however, please remember that all the normal rules apply!

  • You should be shipping personal mail to DPO (09808) and not Pouch (20189)
  • Electronics are often on sale — remember lithium batteries may be an issue (see the FAQ page for more information)
  • Max dimensions — 108″ and 70 lbs (again — see FAQ for how to measure)
  • No pop-top cans
  • Please think twice before shipping liquids. Your friends’ and colleagues’ stuff gets busted, too– not just yours.
  • Perfumes/body sprays/hairspray are all hazmat and not ship-able
  • It’s not as hot as it normally is this time of year, but it is getting hotter – please remember the heat when ordering chocolate, candles, etc.

Enjoy Prime day – and let us know if you have any questions.  DakarMailroom@…..

Broken Jar of Coconut Oil

A shipment just arrived with a broken glass jar of coconut oil. The leakage erased the labels on two other packages:

  • A package of red mounting tape and tube of epoxy? Fixer?
  • A package containing a 2 pack of mega mucil fiber. (Claimed!)

If these packages are yours, please claim them in the package room.

Please think twice before ordering leak-able items, especially in easily broken packaging. In addition to damaging other people’s stuff, with enough leakage, the airlines could refuse to carry our mail shipments at all, losing DPO for everyone.  Please think twice.